Purchase Patron time with Credits!

Enjoy 30 days of full Patron time without signing up for a recurring subscription. These limited-duration passes include all the special features shown below and are available for Credits – including Credits you open from DEX!


  • Level Faster!
  • Earn an additional +25% experience and Devil Souls to level up your character and their Devilian Form faster!

  • More Login Points
  • Earn +3 additional Login Points every day that you play to earn rewards faster!

  • Better Login Rewards
  • Patrons receive access to a new set of Login rewards.

  • Spin Again
  • Receive an additional chance for bonuses when completing dungeons.

  • Treasure Hunter
  • More dungeons are available to be completed with bonus loot.

  • Warehouse Anywhere
  • Access your Warehouse from anywhere in the world.

  • Auction House Anywhere
  • Sell and buy on the Auction House from anywhere in the world.

  • Sell and Save
  • No more fees when selling items on the Auction House. Make more money!

  • Merchant Discounts
  • Save 10% when purchasing items sold for gold from NPC merchants.

  • Extra Skill Page
  • Allows an additional saved skill page to allow the quick switching between loadouts.

  • Return Again
  • Reduced cooldown on the Return skill allows for easier travel throughout Nala.

  • Daily Reward
  • Receive a Patron Lucky Box every day that you play Devilian.